This platform will provide different services under one roof in physical and digital modes. It will also bring together all the stakeholders working for differently-abled persons. For the first time, beneficiaries and stakeholders will be together under a single platform.

Being a special person or being a parent of a special kid is not a simple task; it requires huge energy, patience, and, at the same time, the right advice. So, because of this app, all services, right from filling out the UDID card form to assessment at the hospital, thereafter providing information on schools, therapists, various schemes available for special persons at a single place.

You have to sign up on our app, and after completing your profile, you have to click on Services. Under that, the UDID service has to be chosen by you, then we will get a service request, and we will process it.

Once you've submitted a claim in the office through software claim submission request, later you will receive all updates, such as the claim being submitted to Raksha TPA, claim passing, claim query raised, claim settled, etc. You can also download the letters accordingly, and you can also submit any queries.

As of now, we are not receiving any funding to work, and for sustainability, we need funds, so at least some amount of the overall project cost should come from the beneficiary. Hence, in order to help, one should take membership. Against this, you will receive a proper receipt as well.

  1. Government schemes
  2. Camps - Screening, Health, Documentation, Employment, entrepreneurship, etc.
  3. Providing access to Social Insurance schemes.
  4. Building an ecosystem with service providers (Resource center)
  5. Documentation Support

In the Information Center, you will get information about schemes available at various levels of government authorities, with GR.

In the Resource Directory, you will get information about therapists, specialists, schools, hospitals, and their contact numbers.

Through this, you will get information about various camps organized for our special children, about venue date and type of camp, etc. You can also register for the camp through the app.

You can submit an Aadhar Request under Document Support Request.

You can apply under the Government Services Category. Before applying, all information about eligibility and necessary documents will also be provided. Kindly apply for it after reading the eligibility criteria.

You can reset accordingly by clicking on your profile icon and choosing the Change Password option.

It depends on the concerned government authorities. The normal period required for scheme approval will be applicable. We are there to bridge between the beneficiary and authority, will take regular follow-up, and update you through our Remark Option.

No, we will only be applying for the scheme on your behalf. Approval or rejection of benefits will depend on your eligibility. If approved, then the concerned authority will credit the amount to your bank account.

No, in this phase, this facility is not available. In the next phase, it will be available.

Under the My Services option in the Niramaya Scheme, you can upload claim documents through "Submit Claim Request." For more information, please refer to the handbook.

Giving is not just about making a Donation it's about making difference.

(Your Donation will be Exempted Under Income Tax Act Provision Section 80G)

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